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LED914.com (Draft Specification)


My LED914.com website will give me a place on the WWW to present information about some of my interests. I’ll have a home page which will allow access to all the content on the site. I’ll have a project page that will give an overview of all the my project I have going on currently. All pages are static and will be updated regularily and the blog pages will be dynamic pages. I would like to have a blog for each project to track progress and maybe set up an RSS feed that will show either website or project updates. Since the main purpose of the site is to sell retrofit taillights for a Porsche 914, I would like to make an order page. The order page will be tentative since I will need to see if there will be enough time to finish everything. I don’t want to bite off more then I can chew. Also on the website I would like to put up an about page and a contact page. You can look at an initial idea at www.led914.com. There is a lot of work to be done. There will be an about me page that will have information that doesn’t necessarily pertain to the main LED914 content. Things like links to my friends pages, work that I have done, programs that I have written.

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